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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  March 27, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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one man as he picked up his morning paper. "our inventory's ruined, our you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. the injuries to one man as he picked up his morning paper. >> our inventory is ruined. livelihoods ruined. tonight why some residents say yesterday's flash flood never should have happened. an emergency declared in san pueblo. disappearing without a clue off a cruiseship. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a nan in his 80s was seriously injured after a bomb was wrapped inside his newspaper. it happened in vacaville just after 10:00 a.m. this morning. don knapp reports police spent hours combing the neighborhood
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to make sure there were no other bombs. >> about 10:30 a.m. this morning we heard a big noise. at first i thought it was one of the construction trucks that come down this road frequently. >> reporter: rocking hundreds several blocks away from the cul-de-sac where it went off this morning. >> the explosion was really big. it wasn't a fire cracker. of it a bomb. >> enough to rattle dishes kind of thing? >> it rattled our house. my son's bedroom. it shook several times. >> reporter: a boy came to his door and told him a man had been injured by a bomb as he picked up his morning paper from the area in front of his home. people then went door-to-door warning others not to pick up newspapers. the as yet unidentified man reportedly lost fingers and had injuries to his leg but is expected to survive. he was air lifted to a hospital from a nearby park. police evacuated homes in the cul-de-sac and began looking for more bombs. >> taken to the community
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center here in vacaville. we have on the scene right, we have the travis air force bomb squad. the alcohol, tobacco and firearm for example are here as well. we have bomb sniffing dogs and some x-ray apparatus. they are checking the neighborhood for any other devices. >> reporter: rumors spread quickly there were several explosions. the bombs contained acid. >> we have gotten calls about some newspapers that looked bigger and looked a little suspicious but we haven't located any devices at this point. in terms of the type of device, another question about acid- type bombs, it is not an acid- type bomb. we don't know what type of device it was at this point. >> residents of more than 40 homes were evacuated after the pipe bomb exploded. all the folks were back in their homes tonight but investigators are still in the streets. police have no suspects and
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don't know if the bombing was a random act or if the victim was intentionally targeted. several homes on a muddy hillside are slipping and some of the residents on hillcrest road are moving out. three homes have been yellow tagged which limits access. city officials have been monitoring the slide but even efforts to protect the homes bring new problems. >> the city cut down four trees in the back. and one tree missed the house by an inch. and they don't have clearance to move back into the home yet because the house in the back may fall down on top of this house. >> there used to be a patio behind this house and now it is only mud. residents say there are cracks in the homes. the fire department has cut off gas in the homes as a
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precaution. yesterday's flash flood. water, several feet deepgushed. it was the second failure by the same pipe in as many days an left a huge mess. anne makovec on the cleanup that began today. >> reporter: the sound of industrial vacuums replaces the sound of rushing water heard here yesterday when the second flood in three days tore through the downtown village turning streets into rivers. the water came from an underground culvert at the bottom of this 20-feet deep hole created when the pipe blew thursday. >> it is a sad situation. >> reporter: richard lives across the street from these homes all either yellow or red tagged. this pile of rubble used to be one of them. many were vacation homes but some housed elderly people. >> the red cross will help them for two weeks but what do they
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do after that? >> reporter: downhill dozens of businesses are cleaning up. >> we are packing everything out and moving it out. everything has to be out of here here. >> reporter: it is impossible it see how much damage was done here but the city is trying to get state and disaster aid. >> i'm feeling frustrated today. >> reporter: he says everything is now contaminated in his business. >> there should be a recall of every single government official. our inventory is ruined. we will never re-establish business here. >> reporter: the city says the pipe was overcome with the heavy rains we saw last week and that they couldn't have predicted it. he says he did. >> if you stop doing maintenance on steel pipes that have been rusting for 40 years, and don't replace them, you're going to have what you're looking at right now. >> i'm not angry in the least bit. >> reporter: even though she will have to close her art gallery for at least a month.
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>> life happens. they didn't control all that water coming in. >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs5. the train will resume traffic now that mud has been cleared from the tracks. service was halted since thursday's storm. instead passengers were taken by bus through the area. but again, service resumes in time for tomorrow morning's commute. barry bonds' perjury trial resumes tomorrow in a san francisco courtroom. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he testified he never know knowing knowingly used steroids. a sacramento landlord convicted of killing three of her tenants in the 1980s has died in prison. the woman stole the social security checks of her elderly tenants, killed them and buried their bodies in her backyard.
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police dug up seven bodies. she was serving two life sentences. one 15 years to life sentence for three of the murders. the jury did not reach verdicts on the other counts. the woman was 82 years old. gone without a trace. that's what is apparently happened to a 24-year-old cruiseship worker. rebecca disappeared tuesday while on board the disney wonder. what is turning out to be an international mystery. >> reporter: this morning the disney cruzship docked into the port of los angeles in the wake of a mystery. >> it was somber for a while. >> reporter: it comes after the disappearance of 24-year-old rebecca corn. a crew member that worked for the ship's youth program. on tuesday she didn't show up for her onboard shift. >> that morning they did and announcement calling her name asking her to report or to call an extension. >> reporter: she was last seen when the ship was off cabo san lucas. she was seen on the phone but details of that conversation have not been revealed.
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>> they announced it over the airways and said there was a missing crew member. could you please help work for the person. >> reporter: today the cruiseline released a statement saying we have been doing everything possible to find rebecca. the latest search was on saturday. >> awhile later they announced again that they were not able to locate her. they were really good about keeping us up-to-date. everybody was really worried. >> reporter: the ship is nearly 1000 feet long. disney cruiseline says it has been searched twice. her parents have traveled from england to meet with investigator about their search for their daughter. in the meantime parents on the cruise say this mystery is a mystery of how fragile life can be. >> scary. you watch your kids a little close nearby i'm sure it was hard for the crew members to keep up their happiness for everybody but they did a great job. >> that was jeff wynn reporting. opposition forces reenergized. gadaffi forces pulling back. the key take for rebels today
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that gives them power. another major earthquake in japan captured on camera. the warning that calm along with it. another potential harm with social media. what doctors are warming tonight about-facebook. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs5 weather center. when we might see some spring sunshine. we will talk about that coming up.
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capital city of tripoli. that's after they were able to re-take control of key oil towns this weekend. and n libyan rebels continuing their advance towards the capitol city of tripoli after they were able to take control
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of key oil towns this weekend. now a change in command of coalition forces is underway. here is the report that air strikes are hitting closer to gadaffi's hometown. >> reporter: coalition forces hit tripoli and for the first time moammar gadhafi's hometown had casualties. >> there was attacks and three sailors were killed. >> reporter: the u.s. has led the operations for more than a week to take out gadaffi's air defenses an establish a no fly zone but now nato agreed to take over command. rebels handed out food to civilians one day after recapturing the strategic coastal town. on sunday the opposition pushed west and controls all the main oil terminals in eastern libya. >> based on the intelligence and what our military is seeing, the gadaffi forces are
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withdrawing. >> reporter: the united nations security council meets monday getting an update on the situation in libya. president obama addresses the nation later in the evening. >> i think the military mission has gone quite well. >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates says the u.s. would begin reducing its forces committed to libya within weeks. but he doesn't think anyone knows if military operations will be over by year's end. cbs news at the united nations. there has been another earthquake in japan. this afternoon a magnitude 6.5 tremor shook the eastern part of the country. officials issued a tsunami warning and said up to 18 inches of water could wash in at the same area that was hit hard earlier this month. so far no new damage or injuries reported. meanwhile the country's race against time continues as radiation levels reach their highest levels since the 9.0 quake two weeks ago.
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new individualos of the fukushima complex shows steam rising from the building. tokyo power says water at reactor number 2 contains more than 100,000 times the normal amount of radiation and official acknowledge that they are still searching for where that water is coming from. too much facebook could be bad for teen's mental health. the american academy of american pediatrics is warning that troubled teens could suffer from facebook depression. they say looking at photos and updates of happy people having fun can make kids who suffer from low self-esteem feel even worse. the group says parents should talk to their kids about online use and be aware of online risks. well, no sign of spring in the sierra where they had a monster amount of snow this season. take a look at some of these pictures from heavenly valley resort taken this weekend. the base elevation there is about 6500 feet. the resort says they have had more than 40 feet of snow this year and expects to stay hope
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well into spring for skiing. how about this picture right here? that mounds of snow you see in the middle, that is a car. so lawrence will join us now an introduce you to the sun because apparently that's going to make an appearance. >> we will actually get some spring area around the bay area but we still see a lot of clouds outside. a cold front moving through bringing showers into the bay area right now. most of that just a light shower activity but indeed it continues. we are not done with the rain just yet but looks like we will see some sunshine as we head into the next couple days. high-def doppler picking up on moisture. it is heading down to the south. really, just a very light amount of rainfall. almost like a heavy drizzle. scattered showers continue. not more than a tenth to a quarter inch. hayward and north bay we are seeing light showers. the system will wind down and
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fall apart. what a season it has been rain wise. yes, we have got the very impressive totals. 131% of normal in santa rosa and almost 37 inches. san francisco 35 inches. 125% of normal. 126% in oakland. 101 in san jose. don't get a drop of rain for the rest of the year. we will still end up well above the average an of course the snowpack over 150% of normal. i don't think we will have any water troubles this year. temperatures around the state looking at 60s in towards the central valley. watch out for a few more showers in far northern california if you're headed that way and sierra nevada you have seen the pictures of the snow. tons of snow up there. and i think the roadways will be open and clear as we head into tomorrow. little windy tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday, the wind will calm down and temperatures heating up. spring season a little slushy heading into the afternoon. high pressure building across the pacific here. this trough will exit eastward and that means the showers are going to come to an end in the next few hours. things looking like they will
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wind down. then tomorrow, looking pretty good. computer models picking up on this pretty well as we roll forward towards midnight tonight. showers lingering into the south bay but after that the commute tomorrow should be pretty good. we will see lots of clouds around the bay area but i think the rain will have been finished and that means we have got a pretty nice day. beginning of much sunnier an warmer days ahead. temperatures running up into the 60s in much of the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. and as we look out over the next few days get a load of this. those temperatures start warming up especially into tuesday and by wednesday we get that ridge of high pressure and an offshore wind. that will crank those temperatures up into the 70s all around the bay area. maybe even some mid-70s and upper 70s into thursday. i wouldn't be surprised if we even saw a couple of 80s popping up. definitely the nicest couple days we will have seen all spring so far and much needed break from all the rain. mud slides we have seen and
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damage. it needs to get nice. i think it will hold. maybe some showers next weekend. >> showers. >> doesn't look like a lot though. >> thank you, lawrence. well, it was the perfect cabin fever. second annual running festival in san francisco. some people took advantage of the half marathon to wind their way in through many of the city's neighborhoods and others tried the 5k or four-person relay an kids fun run. best part, lawrence, the event was not washed out. it may still feel like winter but one of san francisco's surest signs that spring has arrived. macy's annual flower show celebrating the blooming of spring. this year's theme is tower of flowers including lofty arrangements all over the union square store as well as in the windows. among the displays bouquet of the day that will change dailyly at the gary street entrance through april 10th. so we have all had those moments where we forget why we walked into a room or where we left our keys.
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probably hasn't happened to these guys. the challenges they face and the winning task for the national memory championship. this kid
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mighty at the box office. the sequel, "diary of a wimpy kid: rodrick rules" opened this nice. well, this kid may be wimpy but he is mighty at the box office. sequel diary of a wimpy kid roderick rules opened this weekend at number 1. >> hope you like that music as much as we do. earned more than $24 million this weekend. the power action fantasty sucker punch in second place. actress reese witherspoon is married again. she tied the knot last night at her ohio state. they met last year and
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announced their engagement last december. it was her second marriage. she has two children with her former husband. her husband who is 40 has never been married. screaming teens, drag queens and thousands of dedicated fans poured into downtown san francisco today to see a pop singer perform for three. more than 5000 people came to see britney spears at the bill graham pacific auditorium. some say they had waited years for the chance to see the pop star live. >> i love britney spears. i'm so glad she is in san francisco. yay. >> i never saw her either. i'm really excited about it. >> britney spears is amaze. >> she performed three songs from her latee album which comes out tuesday. tickets for the free concert were done gone in 14 minutes. there are contests to prove who is the strongest and smartest but to win a contest
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to prove who has got the best memory. we are shown it takes a certain kind of skill. >> name a competition to determine who is strongest that has nothing to do with sports. >> one minute remaining. >> reporter: 42 participants aged 14 to 64. memorizing 120 names and faces. a deck of playing cards. a string of 500 random numbers and that's just the first hand. >> time is up. >> reporter: this year rondell white trained hard to defend her title as the memory champion. >> i will memorize a deck of cards. i will do 200 digits at a time. >> the 37-year-old has met a match in nelson. 27. memorizes the order of an entire deck of card in one minute and 3 seconds. when he puts a second deck in the exact same order he set a
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new record. >> new record set by nelson. >> reporter: these men say they are not geniuses just regular guys. regular guys with a system. >> i'm just direct being a movie in my head. i'm looking at numbers, i'm looking at decks of cards, poetry names and i turn those pieces of information into pictures that i can see in my mind. >> reporter: long before the championships each contestant prepares by matching a picture to every number and playing card. >> i see a rollercoaster over there. 45. mickey mouse over there. that must be 37. >> reporter: the pictures form a story. >> the flower patch where steve jobs was there and he was shopping. >> johnny depp balancing a fence on his nose. >> reporter: eight finalists going down to two ironmen. >> king of clubs. >> you got it. >> finally white is stumped. >> i would just like to be the
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first one to congratulate the new u.s.a. champion. >> reporter: memory has a new american champion. a moment nelson will not forget. who can remember the last time no number 1 seeds made it to the final 4? i'm kim coyle. 11 seed vcu looks to continue its magical run to houston. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stanford fans or 5000 gonzaga fans, it is fans, and playing in front of a crowd that big is always a lot of fun. >> on the men's side 11th seed vcu knocked off the number 1 seed kansas by 10. rams are headed to their first ever final 4 for only the third time in school history. no number 1 seeds are in the final 4. the other game. ligins with a huge three late. kentucky holds off north carolina to reach its first final 4 since 1998. warriors were officially eliminated from painful contention. didn't show down monta ellis though. david lee had a season high 33 points. warriors take care of the wizards. nascar in southern california. final lap kevin harvick overtaking jim johnson to win. it was the only lead he had all day. in gulf final round 75 just enough to win by one shot.
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